We are Client Centric!
We Source Quality.
We Negotiate Competitive Price.
We Provide Innovative Solutions.

Together above, we consider ourselves your local office.

T&U GLOBEX is all about an extension of our client’s business in helping them grow and scale.

T&U GLOBEX offering its diverse cliental sourcing services in multiple food & non-food industry and from multi origins. Our sourcing portfolio spread in Asia & Europe for our valued clients based in Europe, UK, Gulf & USA.

Services & Capabilities

Product Knowledge

T&U GLOBEX offering products or services only where we have expertise, we will never involve ourselves or offer anything where we have lack of knowledge on any product that we present to source or any services where we are not confident enough to have thorough knowledge.

Transparent handling of the business from A to Z

Throughout the processes from query to sampling, negotiating a price to preparing a contract and quality control to shipping and everything in-between is maintained transparently between buyer & seller to avoid any misunderstanding or doubts at any stage.

T&U GLOBEX firm believe that only a strong reputation based on year’s performance and client trust works in the long run and keeps your company alive, above and in action.

Better Price Negotiation

T&U GLOBEX work with diverse and multi sellers across Asia and Europe and have created sound contacts that provide us always a best price that is almost always competitive to win the contract. Our long experience in the trade of getting the right price at the right time is considered a blessing for our clients. We clearly understand that where the World has shrunk to a global village, it has created too much competition too and negotiating a price that is not being done @ the cost of quality is not easy, but possible.

Quality Control

“Quality is never an accident.”

Consistent quality requires a constant and serious effort to achieve, Thus T&U GLOBEX always works very hard in this area to achieve and get the quality from its suppliers exactly as per the specs agreed at the time of the contract.

T&U GLOBEX works only with suppliers who are ethically accredited first and then have a long experience in the respective product, certified and then on top of that the company T&U GLOBEX fully satisfied on their performance.